What to Bring to Your Summer Internship in NYC!

Must-Haves for a Summer Internship in NYC!

The seasons are about to change and that means it’s time to start thinking about must-haves for your summer internship in NYC! In all the excitement of having landed a summer gig in Gotham, don’t forget to make a list of things you need to line up well before Memorial Day. So, we asked a few locals for tips about the basics to help you get ready for your first day on the job!

Gimme Shelter!

The most important thing to nail down as you look forward to the energy and exhilaration of New York City is finding the right place to stay, so check out all of our cool locations, where comfort meets convenience. We offer many amenities and advantages, setting you up for success during your intern in NYC!

Feet-Friendly Walking Shoes

Comfy walking shoes are a must-have if you’re working and living in the Big Apple – ask anyone. It’s a walking city and you’ll be putting blocks – no wait – MILES on your feet. So, while your Ferragamo and Manolo Blahniks are great for formal occasions, you’ll need comfortable shoes for everything else. New York Magazine asked 15 people who stand on their feet “all the live-long day” for recommendations and Travel and Leisure offers up another 19 options for feet-friendly walking.

Work Wardrobes for Young Professionals

Pinterest isn’t just about showing off tantalizing recipes and project how-tos. You’ll find hundreds of professional wardrobe images with tips about how to put together summer work clothes. Elle Magazine has ideas for women’s staples — from power “event” shoes to pull-it-all-together blazers. And Stay Classic has stylish, professional wardrobe ideas for men using “an affordable approach to classic men’s style.” Check ‘em out.

Getting Around Town

Soon after you step off the plane at LaGuardia, JFK or Newark airport, you’re going to need a MetroCard to get back and forth to your apartment and work. Bring this link to an interactive map of the NYC subway system with you (there’s also a downloadable PDF), and maybe even this introductory step-by-step guide to navigating mass transit. Your employer may offer a transit benefit program for a MetroCard, or you can buy cards and reload them at subway station booths, MetroCard vending machines and some neighborhood merchants.

A Sturdy (See-Through) Umbrella

Cheap umbrellas are sold on the streets of Manhattan as soon as it starts to rain for about $5. They will last you about one block and ultimately blow inside out and end up in a trash can within three blocks.  Bring a good umbrella to New York – like this clear bubble umbrella from Macy’s — and you’ll get to the subway, to work and back home nice and dry.

Confidence Gets the Cab

Bring your confidence with you to New York because you’re going to need it when you hail a cab. You can’t just stand on the sidewalk and raise your arm, cab drivers will never see you. You have to step out into the street and wave with all the confidence of a home-base umpire to get their attention. And if you know how to whistle really loud, you’ll have an advantage over the hundreds of people competing with you for the same taxi!

Amenity-Rich Summer Intern Housing

Make the most of your summer internship in New York City living in the state-of-the-art intern apartments in the heart of the financial district at 33 Beekman Place. The towering 34-story apartment has views of the East River, Lower Manhattan and the new World Trade Center. Check out the convenient accommodations and amenities available now through intrnz.com for interns spending the summer working in New York City.

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