5 Things No One Tells You About Internships

Five Things No One Tells You About Summer Internships

In a few short weeks it’ll be intern season and thousands of ambitious students and recent grads will dive into summer internships to get valuable work experience to test-drive a career and embark on a life-altering journey. If that’s you, you’re about to seize opportunities that will develop important skills, build your resume, facilitate professional networking and multiply your chances of landing full-time (and rewarding!) work. You may think your professors and parents, career counselors and academic advisors told you everything you need to know about summer internships in New York, but here are five things they may not have mentioned. But we will!

Hide and Seek Housing

Relying on classified ads and real estate brokers to find an apartment in New York can be like a game of hide and seek, a scene from Slumlord, or an ATM hack attack, only you’re the ATM! But there ARE quality student apartments available in NYC, in fact, spectacular summer intern housing, through Intrnz.com. The high-rise at 33 Beekman is not just luxury intern housing, it’s turn-key (all you need are your clothes and a toothbrush) and it’s one block from Fulton Street Station.

Dial Back the Emojis

Professionalism matters. In communication, in the way you dress (“for success!”), even in how you address the people you work for whom you work. And make no mistake, you will be working – harder than any actor vying for an Oscar. Because YOUR Oscar, is that permanent job offer at the end of eight weeks! So, dial back the emojis in your emails and texts, and don’t call your boss by his or her first name – until they okay it.

Sometimes It Will Suck

Grunt work, gerbil work, go-fer tasks – whatever you call them, you will be doing them. Lots of them. You may get coffee, make copies, work in the mail room and run errands – but you can still stand out by following CNBC’s tips for internship success. And if you’re not given any REAL work right away, ask for it. One intern at a PR firm in Boston became fearless after weeks of seemingly meaningless assignments and boldly told her bosses, “Give me work to do!” and they did.

Be Careful What You Say

Do share your aspirations with your employer, just be careful what you say. One former intern voiced uncertainty about moving to California for a position with Visa and lost out on the job.

Clothes Tell A Story…Yours!

The clothes you wear speak volumes, and as Inc.com points out, can communicate that your work will be clean sharp and to the point – if that’s how you dress. Research shows that a person’s SHOES reveal a lot about someone’s personality, politics, status, age and income, meaning details count. And, so does preparedness. As in our favorite tip from Business Insider: keep a tie and jacket or a pair of heels in your desk drawer just in case you have to make a quick change for a last-minute meeting or work event. will show a potential employer that you’re ready for anything!

Fully-Furnished Summer Intern Housing

Make the most of your summer internship in New York City with our state-of-the-art intern apartments. We offer three locations, to ensure that you are close to your work (as well as the action) for an unforgettable experience in NYC.

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