Turning Internships to Careers

How to Turn Your NYC Internship into a Full-Time Career!

One of the reasons, if not THE reason, to invest three months of your life into a demanding summer internship in New York City is to parlay that experience into a full-time job. So how does that happen? What are the keys to converting temporary work into a successful and rewarding career? We surveyed a few of the experts at U.S. News, The Muse and Career Sherpa and here’s what we found!

Give Your Employer 110 Percent

You’ve heard this before; it’s nothing new. Give it everything you’ve got. If there are only a few openings in the firm, the department, or the program where you want to start your post-grad career, you have to stand out. You have a sliver of time to show off your dedication and attention to detail, hard-work ethic and being engaged; that’s what hiring managers notice. Get focused and get serious say the recruiting experts at U.S. News and think of your internship as one long audition. You are test-driving a potential career and your company is test-driving you! They want to see if what they believed about you when they gave you the internship is true. Don’t prove them wrong!

Make Professional Connections

During coffee breaks, chat with people from a variety of departments and ask specific questions. “How did you get to ABC company?” and “what’s your favorite part of your job?” are good ice-breakers, but if you really want to stand out, ask more meaningful questions. To come up with deeper questions, switch your viewing mode to private on your LinkedIn account and read up on your colleagues online. That will make your conversations with co-workers and higher-ups more fruitful – it will also show off your resourcefulness!

Ask for the Job

Human resource directors often advise interns who interested in post-grad full-time work to ask for the job. If there’s a permanent role you want, let HR know you’re interested. If you don’t ask for it, the answer will always be, “no”! The Muse– a career guidance and finder site — offers four tips, that will give you an edge when it comes to turning your summer internship into a full-time job. These include taking initiative and staying BUSY and managing up. It’s critical that you communicate with your manager since his or her evaluation will matter most in your performance evaluation. If you can’t schedule regular facetime with your boss, make a point of emailing a summary of the things you’re working on (plus your achievements!) at the beginning or end of every week.

Follow the Rules and Finish on Time!

Human resource gurus at The Balance – a financial empowerment website – urge interns to complete any assigned tasks ON TIME. If you think you won’t be able to do finish a task by an agreed-upon deadline, let your supervisor know and ask for an extension. Just make sure you have a valid reason for delaying the task. And don’t break company policies when it comes to personal emails, phone calls, and internet usage. Nothing infuriates managers more than seeing employees waste company time Facebooking on company computers!

Convenient Summer Internship Accommodations

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