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Key Lessons Learned from My Summer Internship

Lessons Learned from My Summer Internship When Julia Cione of Dallas, TX interned at AT&T as part of its FLITE intern program, one of the first things she recognized was that the people did not passively work at their jobs. “They actively immerse themselves in their roles — and so do the interns,” she said. […]

Interview Prep 101 – Acing the Job Interview

You’ve got your resume polished and your verbal selfie perfected. But does a prospective employer see you the same way you see yourself? Is the person sitting across from you even looking for the same character traits you think she is? Here’s how to get inside the mind of a hiring manager and find out […]

How to Score a Blue Chip Wardrobe

The first thing we notice about someone is how they look. We can’t help it, it’s human nature. Nobody really does it on purpose, but people form opinions in the first five or 10 seconds of meeting someone – based largely on appearance and that includes clothes. If two people are standing side by side […]

6 Things to Do in NYC Before Your Internship Starts

Fun things to do in New York NYC Intrnz

So, you’re spending the summer in New York. Before you begin your awesome internship that may require 12-hour workdays and some weekends, take time to get to know the legendary city you’ll be living in. This is the greatest city on the planet, after all, the City of Dreams, the City That Never Sleeps, the […]

Top 5 Social Media Mistakes

intern student social media intrnz

One thing to consider as you prepare to make a move to temporary digs like 33 Beekman for your first summer internship in New York: your online reputation matters. The internet has a far longer reach than the education and employment references you offer a hiring manager. In fact,  78 percent of all recruiters check […]

NYC Real Estate Broker Horror Stories

NYC Broker renting apartments for summer internships

How to Avoid NYC Broker Horror Stories! Any savvy New-Yorker-to-be knows better than to try to find an apartment in the city without help – and that goes double for an intern looking for summer housing! A trusted broker sounds like just the person for the job—but considering some of the broker horror stories floating […]

How to Deliver a Winning Elevator Speech!

How to Deliver a Winning Elevator Speech!

How to Deliver a Winning Elevator Speech! Imagine yourself in the elevator at you summer internship and who should join you for a ride to your floor but the CEO of the company you’re working for? They say you should always have an “elevator speech” ready to deliver, that succinct “commercial” about yourself. It needs […]

How to Write a Great Resume

How to Write a Great Resume

How to Write a Great Resume! Scoring a summer internship in New York City is just the beginning. From the outset, your internship can be more than just a line on your resume. It can also be away to start crafting a branding document to introduce an excellent candidate–you! The specific job duties you perform […]

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