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Due to the many changes being enacted in Covid Protocols by Federal, State and New York City Regulations

intrnz will advise you on or about May 1, 2022 of the specific guidelines as they pertain to your selected residence.

They will also be outlined in your Welcome to New York packet.


For the safety of all residents, staff and visitors the following protocols must be observed while in the residence common facilities and nearby environs. We thank everyone for thier cooperation. Please see the residence advisor for any questions or concerns you may have.

Masking in the Residence Halls:
Masks are required in residence hall common areas such as hallways, lounge spaces, fitness rooms, art rooms, and laundry rooms. Additionally, if you are visiting other students in a space other than your own suite, you should wear a mask at all times. If you have other students in your suite or room that are not your immediate roommates/suitemates, you and your guests should also wear a mask.

Suite Capacity Limits:
Each student suite will be allowed to have one additional guest per person, meaning that if you live in a suite of five (i.e. a double room with two people and a triple room with three people), your maximum capacity is a total of 10.

Lounge Capacity:
We are reducing lounge capacity by 50%. New signage has been posted in lounges detailing current limits for each space.

Elevator Capacity:
Elevators on campus have specific capacities to limit overcrowding. Students should adhere to the signage in each residence hall. Please make every effort to plan out your day to ensure you have adequate time to leave or take the stairs when possible to minimize delays.

Fitness Room Access:
In compliance with the guidelines outlined in New York City’s Executive Order (225), only vaccinated individuals are eligible to use fitness rooms within the residence halls.

Guests will be limited to residential students only:
Please refer to our FAQ for more information about our residence hall guest policy. Masks are available at no cost from vending machines in residence halls and select other spaces.

Guest Policies
During move-in, one non-residential guest at a time can join each student. The guest can be interchanged with another guest to assist the resident. Non-residential guests will not be permitted to enter the residence halls other than during move-in.

Beginning February 7:
Each residential student is permitted one day/overnight guest at a time. Only current residential students will be allowed to visit other residential halls as a guest and must follow university policies regarding wearing a mask in public spaces.

Residential students:
Must notify their roommates and/or suite-mates before hosting a guest in their apartment. Additionally, all residents are responsible for their guest’s actions during their visit, and any policy violation made by a resident and/or their guest may result in disciplinary action.


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