Student Housing

Offering you the Best Student Accommodation in NYC

New York summer housing can be hard to find for many students in New York, but our Student accomodation in NYC is the best for any student looking to enjoy their summer while being in the heart of Lower Manhattan.


33 Beekman Street NYC is a state of the art, 34-story building built in 2015. Every room in our fully-furnished New York student housing comes with plenty of amenities as well as all the furnishings you will need to make the most of your summer in New York.


World class views and modern facilities are just a few of the excellent features of our New York student housing. As one of the world’s tallest student housing buildings, there are plenty of facilities, break rooms, and potential friends to make sure your summer housing in NYC is the best available in the city.


If you’re looking for private student housing in NYC, look no further than 33 Beekman Street. If you’re searching for a whole New York student apartment to yourself or just a private room, there is plenty of choice in our New York student housing. Or, if you’d prefer to share with some new roommates or old friends, we also offer double and triple rooms in our New York summer housing. 


It’s important to keep in mind that our student housing in New York does have limited spaces and it is best to book as early as possible in order to ensure you get the perfect New York student apartment for you this summer.


All rentals are for the entirety of the 11-week summer term (May 27, 2018 – August 11, 2018). There are no exceptions to this rule. Prices are per person and not per room. Your deposit for your New York student apartment will not be refunded unless your application is denied. Payments made on confirmed reservations are final and non-refundable.


Use your summer housing in NYC to make new connections, explore, and find the secret spaces that New York City has to offer. In your New York student housing, you’ll be in sight of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor along with everything that makes New York City the perfect place for your summer semester.


Make the most of this summer with our New York student housing by Take the first step in exploring the heart of New York City by booking a New York student apartment on Beekman Street today.