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Give Your Interns An Experience To Shout About

The intrnz Summer Housing Experience offers full amenities and fully-furnished rooms. Naturally, all housing is super safe, secure and conveniently located in the heart of New York City. It comes with a Moving Kit, which is packed with all the essentials. That’s a bunch of concerns your interns don’t have to worry about. By giving your interns a world-class residence, including fitness centers, lounges and incredible rooms with spectacular views, you’ll celebrate the impact that happy, motivated interns can have on your business.

This is intern living at it’s finest.

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Recruit The Best Intern Talent

Students often get discouraged from applying for an internship in a big city. Among their biggest concerns is the “Where would I live?” conundrum. This fear of uncertainty significantly decreases your talent pool of applicants. So, solve their problem before it even becomes one. By adding our summer housing experience incentive to your internship program, you become the #1 business to apply to. You’ve made the process stress-free for everyone, which makes attracting the top interns easy.


Boost Intern Productivity

Increase intern productivity this summer by providing the absolute best housing experience.When there’s nothing else to worry about, interns stay motivated and focused on achieving top results. intrnz summer housing is fully-furnished, safe and secure, and with quick access to public transport. Plus, each intern enjoys our Move-in Kit, including theft & fire insurance, full bedding, pans, plates, utensils and a shower curtain. By reducing housing hassle for your interns, you can reap the rewards.


Grow Your Company Reputation

Give your interns an experience unlike any other, then welcome them back after graduation. By going the extra mile for your interns with the intrnz summer housing experience, you encourage networking, promote an awesome lifestyle and guarantee their intern experience is everything they’ve ever dreamed of.

intrnz gives residents a unique environment to really make a positive impact on your business.


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