House surgeons oppose extension of internship

The Health Department’s decision to extend the Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship by two months to involve house surgeons in COVID-19 duty has not gone down well with them. The decision was taken in view of the increase in cases.

The Tamil Nadu Medical Students Association opposed the decision and asked the government, the Health Secretary and the Director of Medical Education to grant the internship completion certificate without delay. In a release, it said the internship was coming to an end on March 27. Extending it until May would affect their preparations for post-graduation and competitive examinations. In the past year, house surgeons had taken up all work, including COVID-19 duties.

Nearly 30% of them contracted the infection but the government did not grant them any relief. Many were re-infected, it said.

It said the government did not consider their contribution during the pandemic and did not grant them any special pay. The decision was like rubbing salt in their wounds.


Source: The Hindu

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