Internships can be the gateway to an awesome career — if you can humble yourself long enough to complete one. Because free and low-wage labor is in demand, plenty of companies will try to woo you to spend a semester or your entire summer toiling away at an entry-level job for college credit. Because you only have so much time in your schedule (probably for one or two internships over the course of your college years, tops), you have to choose carefully, lest you end up with an internship that consists of coffee fetching and endless copying. We’ve done the grunt work for you and found the 20 coolest internships to grab in 2020. Start applying and practicing your interviewing skills now, because the best opportunities go fast!

  • Amazon

    With a variety of internships located all around the world, Amazon offers something for every student. Rumored perks include yoga classes, relocation benefits, mentor ship, and a pretty good chance at landing a full-time gig after graduation. 

  • Apple

    Great pay, an international team, and talks from higher-ups are just a few of the perks of this coveted internship program that’ll put you on the cutting edge of tech innovation.

  • Facebook

    Join the social media company that everyone loves to hate if you value flexible hours, cool office space, and a wide array of dining options on site.

  • General Mills

    Yeah, this Fortune 500 company is located in the arctic tundra of suburban Minnesota, but think of all the free cereal you can eat as an intern! (Disclaimer: we don’t actually know if you can get free cereal, but it seems only right.)

  • Goldman Sachs

    Aspiring Wall Street money pushers, this is your internship. High compensation and great managers are a couple of the pluses former interns cite, but be prepared to work your ass off.

  • Google

    One of the most competitive internships around, Google is a college student’s dream. If you make it through the multiple rounds of interviews, you’ll be blessed with perks galore — including paid housing, free gym membership, and a complimentary shuttle to and from work.

  • IBM

    If you want to improve your IT skills, check out IBM’s internship program, where you’ll be less of a lackey and more of a worker bee.

  • Microsoft

    If you like to work hard and play hard, Microsoft is your dream internship placement. In addition to learning new skills, you’ll get impressive paychecks, go on exciting field trips, and enjoy perks like gourmet cooking classes.

  • NASA

    Space nerds should apply to the premier place to study aeronautics. While you might not meet any astronauts, you will get valuable experience at the Johnson Space Center in Houston that could lead to a civil service position later.

  • NBA

    Put your love for basketball to work at the NBA. Business students can apply for internships in the U.S. or more exotic locales like China, India, and the Philippines.

  • NBC

    News junkies who want to work behind the scenes should check out NBC, where interns get hands-on experience in television.

  • Netflix

    If you’re into data science and engineering, Netflix should be among your internship picks. The streaming giant only allows a small group in each summer, but if it leads to a full-time job, you’ll be working for one of the most flexible employers in the country. 

  • NFL

    You don’t have to be an athlete to intern at the National Football League. It offers several kind of internships, including those for students interested in film and media. Bring your A-game! 

  • Nickelodeon

    Animation fiends should apply to children’s entertainment company Nickelodeon. “NICKterns” get to work on fun projects, rub elbows with execs, and attend free movie screenings.

  • Nike
    The sneaker giant offers internships across all sectors of business at its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, but also all around the world at destinations like Amsterdam.

  • Sierra Club
    Tree huggers interested in policy, communications, and conservation will find fulfilling internships at this iconic environmental organization.
  • Tesla

    Car nuts can get their hands dirty (OK, not really) at this innovative company. Plan on free breakfast, unlimited beverages, and perhaps a chance meeting with Elon Musk (if you’re lucky).

  • Twitter

    Keep up with what’s trending as an intern at Twitter. “Terns” can work in sales, marketing, design, or engineering sectors in this program that emphasizes diversity and inclusion.

  • Under Armour

    It’s tough to get into this athletic apparel company’s program, but if you succeed, you’ll be rewarded with meaningful work, gear and gifts, and one month free rent.

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